Welcome to WaxFund!

WaxFund is a pay-it-forward system of funding waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. To learn more check out this Portland Monthly article.

How to pay-it-forward:
When you book an appointment, you have the option of booking from our WaxFund menu that has pay-it-forward prices built in. Book a wax for yourself, and automatically fund a wax for someone else. It's so easy! Trying it now by visiting our booking website.

Buy a service. The drop-down list below includes some of the common waxes. The funds may or may not be used for these specific services, but gives you an idea of what it costs. Services will be based on an individual's needs.

Pay-it-forward Waxing

  If you would like to donate another amount, you can send money via PayPal or Venmo to              
babewax@gmail.com as well as Square Cash $babewax. Be sure to note WaxFund in your payment.

To apply to receive services
Click the button below. 

WaxFund is currently not a non-profit organization, but a segment of the small business, Babe Wax. One hundred percent of funds bought for WaxFund will go directly to funding waxing services and providing aftercare kits for applicants.