Mads Featured on Podcast "Gender Reveal!"

Hey y'all! I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the awesome Molly Woodstock on their podcast, Gender Reveal. No, it's not about fetus gender parties, but about adults talking about gender. 

I studied women's and gender studies in college because, at the time, it was the only thing I had any interest in. I obsessed about it and constantly applied gender issues to every aspect of life because it is freakin everywhere! But that was almost ten years ago and I often don't constantly think about gender as much anymore (which is a really privileged place to be). 

This interview was the first time in a long time I was asked about MY gender and the stories of my past that make me who I am and how I identify today. I'm really grateful for that opportunity and the opportunity to talk about gender and how it applies to my baby, Babe Wax.

Wanna know how I identify and what pronouns I use? Listen to the podcast!