Five Favorite Matte Lipsticks RIGHT NOW

Anyone who come sees me at the salon knows I loooooove lipstick! It's such an easy way to look done up. Some days I don't have time or the deisre to put on a full face of makeup, but to have a pop of lip makes you look like you tried. HA! Also... you look good! Matte lipsticks have been super trendy for the last few years and I LOVE IT! Department store brands began carrying mattes, so I can afford to have several. And trust... I have several. 

I'm always on the hunt for a weird color that excites me. So I'm going to share my top five matte lipsticks right now in my life. I'm more likely to rock them on a daily basis and I'm sure you've caught me in one or two of these colors. 

TIP: Mattes can be kind of dry and accuntuate any flakey skin, so make sure your lips are exfoliated. You can get special lip exfoliatants that I'm sure are divine... but I just use an old worn out tooth brush and vasoline! Scrub in circular motions for about ten seconds and your lips are prepped for the matte. Also, lip liners are your friend. I carry a nude one, a deep purple, and a light pink that typically matches or pairs well with most of the colors I wear.

In no particular order... here they are...

1.) "Trap" ultra matte from Colour Pop $6

This brand is SO AWESOME for lipstick lovers! All their lippie sticks come with matching lip liners! Everything is CHEAP and they usually have great deals. This particular color is so bland, it's a statement. I'm not a fan of "nudes" usually, but the matte makes it so weird, I love it! I like to line it with a matching liner. It goes on glossy and dries so dry it's almost chalky. I also love pairing it with a neon eye to balance the beige. 

2.) "Sway" liquid suede by NYX $7

I love this lavender color. Instead of a stick lipstick, it comes with an applicator, making it easier to apply in detail. I like to wear it with thick voluminous strip lashes and liquid eyeliner. The consistency is truly suede-like and smooth. NYX is another affordable brand that does lipsticks right and carries lots of funky colors you can't always find at department stores. They even have more than one line of matte lipsticks! 

3.) "Matte Royal" by Mac $17

I saw this gorgeous babe on Facebook rocking this lipstick and HAD to know where they got it. The stick looks pure royal blue, but when you apply it, it has so many purple tones. It goes on nice and smooth and I like to wear it lightly and also layer it dark for a bold look. I want to wear it every day! I like to wear either no eye makeup or a very muted eye with no mascara. It probably has my favorite texture. Matte, but still moisturizing. It's not the cheapest, but worth the splurge!

4.) "Shocking Pink" matte by NYX $6

I absolutely love pinks and this one is definitely a go-to of mine. It goes on sooo deliciously thick and smooth. It also has some purple tones which is another reason why I love it. I like to wear it with a classic blue lid or turn it up with a bold a green. This color is so fun it's hard not to keep playing with bright shades on the rest of your face.

5.) "Relentessly Red" by Mac $17

This matte has been a classic of mine for years now. It's red, but the brightness is so turned up, it can appear pink. The consistency is very dry, which I love the look of, but for this one you definitely want to exfoliate previous to application. I like to wear with liquid liner cat eye and glittery white lids. It is long lasting for sure and haven't found anything comparable in a cheaper line. It also can feel more "work appropriate" because it is a red. 

Hope you all enjoyed my take on my top five matte lipsticks as of right now. I just ordered a couple more last night, so it's a constant process to find the lipsticks I want to rock. Tell me some of your favorites in the comments! Let me know what you thought of the lipstick post as well. I'd love to share some of my makeup tips and shortcuts. I am a queen on a budget and can't alway afford the best of the best, but I make it work. 

Never forget... YOU ARE A BABE!

<3 Mads