Introducing: WaxFund!

Hey all! I'm really excited to talk about a new campaign from Babe Wax called WaxFund. WaxFund will help pay for waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. It will be a pay-it-forward model where clients can add on funds to their visit or folks can donate online. All proceeds will go to paying for waxing services for a trans woman and/or trans feminine person who may not be able to afford these services themselves. 

As a person who identifies as non-binary, I am in solidarity with trans people. I find it disheartening and disgusting that the country is attacking the trans community by ridiculous gender-policing bills that are humiliating and demoralizing. Unfortunately, this is just one way that trans people are targeted in this world.

With all this national controversy and hate, something I want to do is to give to trans people. Direct giving to marginalized communities who are systematically disenfranchinsed is an underestimated revolutionary tool. The opportunity to fund waxing services can directly effect a trans person's well being.

Body hair removal can be an important part of a person's gender presentation and/or transition. To feel more at-home in feminine gender presentations, many trans women and trans feminine people desire to remove body hair. Sasha Eve, a long term client of mine, says "Being able to have control over my aesthetic has been a huge part of my transition. Waxing has allowed me to feel more secure over my image, and eliminate a lot of dysphoria... Babe Wax has been a glorious part of my transition for almost a year."

Babe Wax is honored to be a part of people's transition. We strive to be gender-affirming at every turn with our clients and our business. As I have been contacted on several occasions about receiving payment-free services, I thought it's time I create this possibility. 

I am currently in the developing stage of this campaign. I hope to have something setup very soon so the donations can accrue and people can begin the applicant process to receive the services.

If you wish to be notified immediately about this opportunity, please email, subject line: WaxFund.

<3 Mads