Welcome to HOUSE OF BABE

I’m Mads, the owner and operator of Babe Wax in Portland, OR. This blog is a project of HOUSE OF BABE.


I wanted to start this blog to communicate more with my clients, the community at large, and the network of like-minded businesses. I wanted to share more about my waxing salon, but also personal reflections on the beauty industry, body-positivity, fashion, small business, interviews, gender, product reviews, beauty tips, etc.

I have written a few things about these topics on various blogs and zines, including my interview on the blog Fat Girls to the Front and the artilce "Being a Disruptive Fattie in the Beauty Industry" in Plumplandia second issue zine.

HOUSE OF BABE is now a place where I can keep all my writing together and a hub of intersectionality. It is the start of something fabulous and my hope is to watch it grow into an ethical empire of beauty and self-care where Everyone is a Babe. 

<3 Mads