Upcoming events supported by Babe Wax

Babe Wax is sponsoring and supporting some events in Portland coming up shortly. Thought I'd just share the what, where, and when!

Third International Day for Sex Workers' Rights, Thursday, March 3rd 7pm @ Dante's.
We have a gift certificate in the raffle and proud to support sex workers' rights. There will be fabulous performances, live music, a kissing booth, and a spankig booth! 
This event is put on by Portland Sex Worker Outreach Coalition, a group that "promotes the basic human rights and personal safety for all individuals working in the sex industry". They have regular meetings and other awesome events throughout the year, so check them out! 

Naked Shopping Spree at Red Light Clothing Exchange, Sunday March 6th 4pm.
We have a gift certificate in the prize loot AND offering a 10% off any body wax service for just signing up! We wanted to give those who may participate in the event a chance to freshen up and feel good about the possibility of running around totally nude in a clothing store. You need to go to the store to register for a chance to participate, then make sure you grab our coupon.  But hurry because Tuesday March 1st is the last day to enter!

Pink Hanky Presents, Saturday March 26th 8pm @ DISJECTA.
We have a gift certificate in the raffle!! This is a queer performance night. Performances include burlesque, modern dance, spoken word, drag, and more! Pink Hanky is a queer-femme production team and this is their second event. Last one sold out so fast they already had to change venues!

Big Dick's House of Big Boobs: Portland, Saturday April 9th 9pm. Location: TBA
Babe Wax is offering 10% off any body wax to those who expect to perform.
This is a DIY strip club that tours the US and is the second time in the last year it has visited Portland. What's so great about BDHOBB is that it is a self-proclaimed judgement-free zone (just like Babe Wax)!! It encourages all bodies to sign up to dance and creates a freeing sexy atmosphere for all. I love this event because too often nudity and public dispalys of sexuality is only acceptable for certain body types. This is a chance for all to be celebrated and sexualized with consent. Sign-ups to dance are day of the event. There are strict rules about no pictures, no touching, and no jerks. The location isn't announced until later on to protect the integrity of the event. Please email babewax@gmail.com if you want more info.

Pieces from the events' fliers.

Pieces from the events' fliers.

I am stoked about all these events. If you want Babe Wax to support your event, please contact us! We are committed to our community nad love being involved in any way we can. 

<3 Mads