"Having a body is hard!": Self-love in the form of body-positivity

Having a body is hard! So many factors in this world contribute to many of us experiencing hatred of the body we inhabit. We end up spending our lives wishing we had another body entirely, trying to *change our own body to fit an unobtainable ideal of attractiveness, or continuously reaffirming the love of our own body in attemps to become at peace with ourselves. Body-positivity is about the latter. Just as every body is unique, so is our path to body-positivity. 

For me, it has mostly been about my size. Most of my life has been devoted to trying to be thin. I struggled with eating disorders and constant dieting (beginning at 8 years old). I would grab my fat and wish it wasn't a part of me. I hated the body I was in and was comletely disconnected from it. It has taken almost a decade to undo the damage I did to myself. With help from feminism, body/fat-positive communities, and personal healing... I have come to love my fatness. I still have my days... trust. But I now recognize self-sabatoging behaviors and have emergency tools for self-love. 

When body-positivity is mentioned, it is usually equated with accepting one's body size. For me, that's a large part of it. BUT... For others to love their bodies, it may be related to how they are differently-abled, are a person of color, experience gender dysphoria, etc. As a non-binary person, I do experience gender dysphoria on occasion. But for many of these identities (and for those who constantly experience gender dysphoria), I cannot speak specifically about. There are many paths to self-love. I'd love to hear your story! Please comment below, link your blog, or email babewax@gmail.com to start a conversation. 

Art by   Micah Bazant

As a body-positive business, Babe Wax is committed to being a space for self-love and healing. There are no judgements passed over anyone's body. There's no need to apologize for having a body. Everyone is fully accepted for who they are and all bodies are celebrated. 

I hope for more places, people, and businesses to be fiercely body-positive. And Portland, OR is such a hub for it! If you haven't noticed already, we have some fabulous resources. Fat Fancy is an incredible store for plus-size vintage/modern clothing, Health Club is a new body-positive barbell gym, Fat Yoga opened its doors a few years ago, and nutritionists/trainers like Lacy Davis are doing great work! Check out this post for more online resources.

Keep doing you and figure out what it would take for you to continuously be at peace with your body. Just writing this has inspired me to think of new ways to invest some self-love into my day! Oooo that's a future blog post! ;)

<3 Mads

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*For those experiencing gender dysphoria, body-positivity can mean change!